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So who are we & what is IMTTO?

IMTTO is an organization that was formed in 2001 and that currently has as its members Mountain Bike Trade Teams, Technical Support companies and Event Organizers. IMTTO is an international non-profit organization that contributes to the continued development of mountain bike racing. IMTTO is recognized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and has representation on the UCI's Mountain Bike Commission. IMTTO is an acronym formed by the words International Mountainbike Teams, Tech support and Organisers.

IMTTO was created through the amalgamation of two organisations:

  • IMTO (International Mountain bike Trade team Organisation, formed in 1996).
  • TAG (Technical Assistance Group, formed in 1997).

Membership Criteria:

Members must either:

  • Provide professional technical support for athletes and/or teams that race in UCI Calendar events.
  • Or

  • Be a non UCI-Elite Race Team that employs at least one rider to race in UCI Calendar events.

All members must do all of the following:

  • Pay an annual membership fee to IMTTO to assist with the administration and communication costs for IMTTO, which includes postage, telephone calls, faxing, hosting meetings, attending UCI meetings, web site hosting etc.
  • Provide their full contact details and nominate a single representative of their team/company, and their single email address.
  • Attend IMTTO meetings where possible in person, and where not possible, contribute thoughts and comments relevant to the agenda via email.
  • When attending international events, ensure that the appearance of their Tech Area is clean and professional (this includes staff, athletes, technicians, vehicle(s), tent etc.).
  • For events where there are multiple disciplines attending, not pull down their Tech Area until all events have started.

All members receive as a minimum:

  • Regular communications on developments in the international mountain bike world, (via email only).
  • Benefits at World Cups such as reduced parking rates, Rainbow Pass credentials for Tech Company staff, and other benefits negotiated on behalf of the members with the UCI, event organisers or any relevant Federation.
  • Access through IMTTO to the UCI Mountain Bike Commission on issues such as rule changes and other important matters that need to be raised.
  • Ability to participate in an active forum that strives for excellence in the sport of mountain biking.

General Objectives:

  • To provide a stable, professional and financially viable environment for our members to continue participating in the sport and the popular success of International Mountain Bike Racing.
  • To ensure that through the collaboration and open dialogue with various event organisers, Federations, both National and International, progressive steps are made at further developing the sport and popular success of international mountain bike racing.
  • To create and maintain a productive environment that strives for professionalism and cooperation in the sport.
  • Attend UCI Mountain Bike Commission Meetings to ensure that the views of the IMTTO membership are considered and that the recommendations made by this Commission to the UCI Management Committee have been fully considered from an IMTTO perspective.

Political Structure:

  • IMTTO has an elected Executive Committee made up of one Chairman and 3 additional members representing Cross Country, Gravity and Technical Support.
  • The IMTTO members vote to elect all four Executive members. Voting is done by email, and the person chosen to collate all votes maintains a record of all votes.
  • The IMTTO Executive will meet regularly throughout each race season.
  • Executive Member terms will be for 3 years. Elections for each position are held at the end of the relevant term.

Current Executive Members are:

Chairman: Martin Whiteley Trek World Racing Email :
Cross Country Member: Benjamin Willeit Specialized Factory Team Email :
Gravity Member: Nigel Page Team Chain Reaction Cycles/Nukeproof Email:
Technical Support Member: Martin Kirchner SRAM Email: